Lessons of Motherhood

Can I start this post out by just revealing to the world that I am not a perfect mom? I fail a lot, I let my kids watch TV, I raise my voice and I feed my kids chicken nuggets…like a lot! I had someone ask me the other day how I have energy for 5 kids because she was pregnant with number 2 and already she couldn’t keep up. First off, if you are pregnant, give yourself a break! In fact, go grab a carton of ice cream from the freezer, put your feet up on the coffee table and turn on some reality TV. You have a pass…go enjoy it! Now that we got rid of all the pregnant ladies, let’s get real.

Motherhood is hard. It is exhausting and frustrating and thankless sometimes. But, motherhood is also incredibly beautiful. The other morning, I pulled myself out of bed, put on my gross slippers and threw my hair into a messy bun. It was 7:30 am, that terrible time of day when your eyes burn and you already are daydreaming about going to bed that night. The entire day lies ahead of you and you have to find the motivation to get your kids ready for the day and out the door for school. I was especially tired this particular morning because I had been up on and off throughout the night with my 8 year old that couldn’t sleep. I woke up feeling on edge.

I trudged down the stairs to the kitchen and started making oatmeal for my babies. I sat Reese and Heath in their high chairs and began to spoon oatmeal into their little birdie mouths. Mia was telling me what hairstyle she wanted for the day and Bo and Wes were wrestling on the couch. Reese insisted on taking the spoon and feeding herself and I frustratedly allowed her to attempt to feed herself. She lifted the spoon toward her mouth and Heath reached for it. I saw it in slow motion, Reese ripping the spoon away and oatmeal flying through the air like a torpedo, right for my face. It was a direct hit, right to the eye. The babies screamed, the boys continued to annoyingly wrestle and Mia began to laugh at my oatmeal face. I was mad! I yelled at Bo and Wes for being too loud and snapped at Mia for laughing. Today was off to a great start.

At that moment my phone buzzed and vibrated. I was getting an alert from Timehop, the app that shows you exactly what you were doing the previous year. And up on my phone flashed a picture of Hayes in the hospital, eating a big cracker and smiling huge. Flashes of the previous year went through my mind like a slideshow. I would have given anything to be home with my kids in the mornings that previous year, havoc and all, but Hayes and I were trapped at the hospital, imagining the craziness that was going on back at a motherless home of 5 kids with my husband at the helm. Immediate perspective hit me like a ton of bricks! As hard as it was, this morning routine is exactly what I had dreamed of and ached for. Being with all 6 of my crazy babies and ushering them out the door for school.

I guess my point is that yes, motherhood is hard and exhausting, but being present and just loving your kids is 97% of the battle. The other 3% is Coke Zero! Love, being present and Coke Zero will get you through a lot! Give yourself more credit! Waking up before 8am is warrior status! You wake up every day and you love your kids, you battle through the day and you do it all over again. One day those messes and wrestling kids will be gone and grown. Love on those miracles you created…focus on that love and that is what will drive you! You’ve got this!

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  1. Rebecca Simmons

    I’m crying from reading your post. Thank you for the reminder of just how precious this time is. I have six kids. My youngest are 17 month old twins. I used to work and run an office, now every single day I spend at home with my kids while my husband works. Every day seems like ground hogs day. My husband hasn’t had a day off in over a week and I’m about to snap, but reading your blog reminded me how lucky I am to be home with them, and be able to care for them and watch them play. Thank you! ❤️

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