Friday Faves: Hospital Spa Edition

When Hayes was up at Primary Children’s hospital we stayed in the area of the hospital that was just for oncology patients. The 4th floor, ICS wing that was completely isolated from the rest of the hospital to keep the cancer patients safe from others sickness and infection. There was no privacy and personal care became of little importance.

There is an odd thing that happens when you go through trials in your life, or at least for me. ¬†I immediately felt guilty for taking care of myself. ¬†I remember thinking, when Hayes was first diagnosed, that I would never wear makeup again or exercise. ¬†What is the point?¬†¬†I didn’t want to look like I cared about myself more than my baby, which couldn’t be farther from the truth. ¬†It wasn’t until about round 2 of chemo that I realized I needed to focus on myself as well. ¬†In order to be my best and most motivated self for him I needed to feel good about myself. ¬†So I started to brush my hair again, wear makeup, actually change out of my pajamas¬†and I began an exercise regime. ¬†It made all the difference.

There was a time every night around 9, after Hayes was asleep, I would take my shower bag and head to the bathroom. It was a small little, floor to ceiling tiled room located right next to the nurse’s station. It had a shower stall with a white plastic drape that hung in front of it. One shower for all of the parents of the entire cancer unit. There was usually a line of women, exhausted looks on their faces as they waited for their turn to wash the day off. I would always wait until I was the last person in line so that I could really soak without feeling rushed.

These showers were my spa time. I seriously let myself enjoy it and I spoiled myself. I would turn the heat on as high as I could handle and I would sit in that water for a solid 20 minutes. Oddly enough, this is when I discovered the real beauty of taking care of yourself and the importance of putting yourself first. ¬†I discovered¬†some of my favorite things¬†during this time. ¬†So I am kicking off my Friday faves with my “hospital spa” favorites.

I have mentioned it before, but at this time, I discovered my love for crude and oil cleansing. I felt like I was completely refreshing my face. For the first time in my life I had clear skin. Plus, I looked younger than I had in a long time!  (Use code CRUDESAVANNA for 20% off)

 Crude Face Cleanser 

I would usually put a mask on at least once a week. If I broke out I would use this Aztec Secret Healing mask or the YES to tomatoes detoxifying charcoal mask to shrink my pores. And wear these dark circle patches under my eyes.

Aztec Face Mask

 YES to tomatoes mask

 Dark Circle Patches 

 One of my favorite moisturizers became the Alina Skin care Pure and Pristine lotion. I am completely obsessed!

Alina Serum

I would even try to whiten my teeth while I sat in the water! I wasn’t kidding about spoiling myself! Crest white strips are pretty much the best!

 Crest Whitestrips

¬†I would usually make my way back to the room feeling refreshed and ready for bed. The hospital room was always freezing to me, so that is when I would get in bed, watch Netflix on my iPad and turn on my heating pad. I am super particular about my heating pads though. Kind of weird admitting that out loud! But, I like when they have a few settings for temperature and when they don’t automatically shut off! I hate waking up in the middle of the night cold so having the heating pad stay on is key!

Heating Pad

¬†¬†I would try to get a decent nights sleep, which was usually wishful thinking because first off, I usually got sucked into a Netflix series and couldn’t stop. ¬†And secondly, nurses come in the entire night to check the vital signs of your baby. ¬†Luckily I am a heavy sleeper, but I have no idea how people who aren’t heavy sleepers made it through! ¬†By the time morning rolled around I was dying for something to set off my day in the right direction. ¬†The oncology floor has a refrigerator where parents can store food. ¬†Breakfast ended up being my one non cafeteria, healthy meal of the day. ¬†I was able to do this with the Nutri Bullet. ¬†Life changing for a hospital stay. ¬†I am not affiliated with them, I just love this and recommend it for any mom whether you are staying at Primary Children’s or not!

Nutri Bullet Blender 

To be honest, I probably pampered myself more than I do at home, but it was my time to focus on myself. To feel rejuvenated and feel good. It isn’t the norm to feel pampered while in the hospital but for that time, I let myself have moments for me! I am curious if any one out there has used any of these products¬†or if you have something you like more! ¬†I am always on the hunt for the next best thing!

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