Mother’s Day Friday Faves

I will be honest, when Steve asks me what I want as a gift, I honestly can’t think of anything.  What really makes me happy is his traditional chocolate covered strawberries! I really do have everything I need and more in life.  But, I do realize that my family likes to give me love and so I have put together a list of my favorites.  From clothes to bath bombs.  All of these are no question, my favorites right now! So, hint-hint to all the husbands out there, these are a few ideas to keep your wife around! 😂

First off, my obsession ever since having the triplets has been baths.  I had to take a bath nearly every day when I was pregnant because my body was in so much pain. Since then I take a bath about once a week. For me it is my favorite way to unwind. I usually do either bath salts or bath bombs and I have tried both of these.

Bath Bombs

Bath Salt

All through my teenage years I looked for a signature scent.  I tried Clinique Happy for a while and Tommy Hilfigger perfume when I was in high school.  I lost interest in smelling good though once I had kids.  I didn’t get the big deal and it was just another step in the getting ready process that I didn’t care about so I stopped.  Fast forward to right after I had the triplets and I found a dream scent!  Burberry Brit perfume is hands down my favorite!  I think it is subtle but strong.  It is a beautiful smell.

Burberry Brit Perfume

Next, have you tried the latest rage in nail care, dipping powder?  It is THE best!  I refuse to do anything else on my nails. It is easy, strong like acrylic and lasts 2-3 weeks. I haven’t tried this at home starter kit.  I have only done the dipping powder at the salon, but this has my attention.

Dipping Powder Nail Kit

My favorite sunglasses are DIFF eyewear.  It is super high quality and the lenses are the perfect pop of color.  Love every one.

DIFF Eyewear

I am adding clothes to the list because I have a problem…I really, REALLY like clothes.  Lately I love the texture of embroidery and when it comes to jeans, I love high waist.  Express Jeans are my favorite.  And when it comes to tops, you really can’t go wrong with graphic tees. They have always been my go to.

Forever 21 Top

Forever 21 Peasant Top

Express High Waist Jeans

Pink Floyd Graphic Tee

As far as jewelry, I am all about layering.  I am like a gypsy!  I can’t get enough necklaces. 😂 This necklace from Forever 21 has all the necklaces built in.  Perfect affordable necklace.

Forever 21 Necklace

And lastly, for those moms that love gardening, this is one of my favorite things. I have a lemon tree on my dining room table and it is the cutest.  You can buy lemon trees straight from my go to, Amazon.  These plants are indoor and outdoor.  So charming!

Meyer Lemon Tree

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