What We Wore: Family Photos

Is there anything more annoyingly stressful than choosing out outfits for a family photo shoot?  It is so unimportant, but I care!  I have been able to come up with a little system in picking family outfits.  I usually have one person wear a busy, patterned outfit or stand out color, that is the first outfit I figure out.  Then I highlight with other colors from the pattern or that subtlety compliment.  I work around the pattern and do subtle textures and slight patterns from there.  Sounds easy enough, but gees…it sucks!  

I started out with my dress.  I mentioned it before, but I love this Target find!  It is so flattering on and I feel like it was the perfect springboard for the rest of the outfits.  

I am so happy with these photos. I was so nervous to take pictures without Hayes, but no doubt I will find a way to incorporate him forever!  The giant green balloon was the perfect representation of him for these pictures!  While there were hard moments, I felt Hayes close. Plus, if you look closely, in some pictures his little orb is ever present! Here is to conquering fears and seeing the beauty in the outcome!  Which one is your favorite?

My outfit

Dress /  Under Slip / Shoes

Steve’s Outfit

Top / Pants / Shoes

Bo’s Outfit

Top / Pants / Shoes

Mia’s Outfit – Old Navy Dress no longer available

Similar Dress / Similar Dress / Similar Dress   / Sandals

Wes’ Outfit

Linen Shirt / Shorts

Reese’s Outfit (similar romper below)

Denim Romper / White Skirt / shoes

Heath’s Outfit

Shirt / Shorts / Shoes

5 thoughts on “What We Wore: Family Photos

  1. Samantha

    I can’t choose! What a beautiful family. I thought of you today (although we have never met) I was at a theme park with my family and all of a sudden I just had a pang, a pang of pain and sadness for you and complete admiration for the person you are and how you have coped. I don’t know how you do it. You amaze me. My babies been unwell recently and although there only 2 her twin really feels it I always think of you and how strong you are for your family xxx

  2. Lyndsay

    I love all of the pictures! Stunning all of you!!! But my absolute fav is the 5th one down, where you are all in a line and the sun is reflecting off the beautiful green balloon! It’s such a beautiful shot! I feel Hayes in that picture the most. Xoxo sending you love ❤️

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