HayesTough Cancer Awareness Video

It was less than a year ago, I put together this video to help raise awareness for childhood cancer.  Hayes had just rung the chemo bell and our whole life shined brightly ahead on the horizon.  I was incredibly optimistic. In fact, I felt guilty because my sweet baby was doing so well when so many kids were not.  That is why I made this.  I wanted to do anything I could to help the other kids still fighting.  Now my baby is in heaven and I still feel that fight.  Brain Tumor Awareness Month is quickly coming to a close.  I hope I helped make you aware.  I hope I taught you that childhood cancer is a common, ignored epidemic.  I will keep fighting and I will try to maintain that optimism that I had when I made this video.  It will be a much less naive optimism, but I will continue to hope for the kids that still fight.  Thank you to everyone that has donated and helped in our fight!  We couldn’t do it without you! #hayesarmy www.hayestough.org

3 thoughts on “HayesTough Cancer Awareness Video

  1. Samantha

    So moving! 💚 as I was scrolling through my insta this morning Hayes came up and my 2 year old said “look mummy baby” I told her it was Hayes. She said “he’s brave” she remembered what I had said previous day x

  2. Leonir

    What an amazing little boy you have. Sitting here balling my eyes out. Hayes touched so many people from all around the world and he still does. You guys are keeping him and his legacy alive, a while it would be hard because he is not here the love and laughter I see in your photos reminds me that he is!! Your family are always in my thoughts. Love, light and prayers from Australia xx

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