Fathers Day Gift Guide

One of my favorite things about celebrating Steve is being able to spoil him with gifts that I have thought through for months.  If I am being honest, I dropped the ball for our anniversary.  I was struggling a lot during May, I missed Hayes and frankly, shopping was of zero interest to me.  I am sure this is something I will struggle with for years to come, but in order to avoid this “dropping the ball depression” in the gift department, I decided to plan way ahead for Father’s Day.  Steve deserves to know how much we all adore him.

I started with the typical Fathers Day boring gift with a youthful twist.  I bought him a few pairs of Stance socks.  I even threw in a Red Sox pair to personalize it a bit.

Stance Socks

Boston Red Sox Stance Socks

Stance Socks

The next thing I got was luggage.  I know, super random and weird, but Steve is an OCD packing connoisseur.  He packs to perfection.  You open up his bag and you see how uptight he really is!  He loves only packing carry ons, yet he manages to pack for a 2 week vacation to perfection. He has had the same Under Armor duffle for about 11 years and it is on its last leg. So, I got him another bag.  I like this one because it is high quality, has the look of a duffle with lots of compartments and it rolls.  I have little doubt Steve is going to love it!

Ogio Luggage

I have been hearing about the Amazon Echo for a year now.  I have heard amazing things about it!  I didn’t want to commit to the large one, just in case it wasn’t a big success.  I might regret that, but I am excited to see how it goes.  Do you have one?  What are your thoughts on them?

Echo Dot

Amazon Echo

K, so if I am being honest, Steve is really something to look at.  In a swimsuit, I pretty much die.  So, I really enjoy giving him swim trunks just so I can see him in them.  What can I say?  I am selfish.

Swim Trunks

The last thing I got him was a customized graphic tee.  I knew I wanted to give him something that reminded him of Hayes, and so I designed him a simple gray graphic tee.  I found the company Printful a while ago and I love that you can custom design American Apparel shirts.  Super high quality and I know it will fit him well!

Printful Custom Shirt

The last thing I am giving him is a video interview of the kids.  After I edit it I will share it.  I have a feeling this will be the hit of the day!

13 thoughts on “Fathers Day Gift Guide

  1. Andrea

    Amazing! I love all the gifts, you are definetliyl making up for “dropping the ball” on your anniversary lol although I’m sure he doesn’t blame you or is upset about that at all 🙂

  2. Katlyn

    Such good ideas!! I am going to have that luggage in mind….

    I found a book that binds all of the NY Times articles for your baseball team (we are MN Twins fans), and matching Twins flatbills for him and our 2 year old. BUT our anniversary is next month and these are awesome inspiration!!

    I love the perfect balance between practical, personal and downright touching (the customized shirt and video interview?? Incredible!!). I have no doubt that Steve will love every bit of it!

  3. rachelnorcal

    Perfect, thoughtful gifts! And good inspiration, thanks! I planned ahead last year for Paul’s First Father’s Day gift & I love how it turned out (photos of the boys) but I’m lagging this year.. There’s Father’s Day, his bday 6/22, and our anniversary 6/29.. so I’d better get on it!!
    P.S. We love our Echo.. got the full size one during Prime Days last year. Mostly use it for playing music, but also shopping list, kitchen timer, & some other random stuff 🙂
    I’m just waiting for when the kids start telling Alexa what to do 😉

  4. Christina " Leslie " Edwards

    I have the echo dot and I love it!! Must say I’m thinking of getting the bigger one at some point!! Hope your doing well!! Sending lots of love your way!! 💚

  5. Cory

    I think the T-shirt and video will touch him the most! I think you got him amazing gifts and he’ll be thrilled! I just love you two, and I wish the both of you many many happy years!

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