Summer Bucket List

Summer has launched and with it comes wander lust and an anxiousness to go on adventures with my family. I know I am not alone in this because Pinterest is littered with summer bucket lists. Now that the babies are a little older, I have decided to set some loftier goals with my big kids. They actually don’t believe me when I tell them what my bucket list for the summer is. I unfortunately have a little bit of a bad reputation with my kids. I don’t like getting wet and if Steve isn’t around, I take the easy way out. So, this summer I want to be different and I hope to prove to my kids I can be fun too! Here is my top 8 bucket list:
1. Go on a real hike, not a “this will be easy and I can push the babies in a stroller” kind of a hike. I want to get my kids sweating and dirty! Bell’s Canyon is my goal. For you outdoorsy moms, don’t judge if this is too easy! Baby steps, k?!

2. Take the kids to Lagoon Amusement Park. I grew up going to the local amusement park once every summer, as a child and it was one of my favorites! It was the high light of my year. Steve slightly hates amusement park rides…he prefers kid rides πŸ€¦πŸ»β€β™€οΈ. So basically it will be on me, but I am setting a goal, you guys are holding me to it, to take my kids.

3. The next activity on my bucket list is actually my worst nightmare. I absolutely despise water parks. I don’t get why the water has to be hypothermia cold! My kids joke that I don’t know how to swim because I hardly ever get into water unless the water is warm. I know I am weird! But, YOLO right? So taking my kids to the water park, Cowabunga Bay (to be exact) is next.

4. Take my kids to the farmers market. I love the farmers market actually! The charm of shopping locally is my favorite. Shopping at the farmers market with 5 kids? Not sure it will be a good idea, but the point is to do it!

5. Take the kids up the canyon and eat dinner around a fire. We took the kids up last year and I loved doing this. While it was tricky with the babies, it was so worth it!  And how cute are all these little babes?!!! (More videos on our channel Tate Party of 8)

6. Take the babies to a splash pad. I think they would love it! They deserve a little adventure too!

7. Do a science experiment. I remember growing up, my neighbor’s mom always did science experiments with her kids. Whether it was raising butterflies from caterpillars or doing vinegar eggs (which still blows my mind how weird it is). She made life interesting for her kids and wasn’t afraid of the mess. I am going to give an experiment a try with my kids!  

8. It isn’t summer without a snow cone right? I need to take my kids once or twice to do this!

These are simple things, but some still make me nervous. But here’s to doing things that push us outside of our comfort zones! What are some things you have on your bucket list that I missed?

Also, if you missed the podcast I did on The LifeBeats Project, here is a link. I tell our whole story.

8 thoughts on “Summer Bucket List

  1. Katie

    These are great. I love the simple ones and the loftier ones too. Great balance. Bell’s canyon is beautiful. Ellie put that on our bucket list too. I think I am going to try Lagoon too. And I’m sweating just thinking about it. Sara’s and Ali’s kids go if you want to go with a group of older and younger kids. We should totally do a Grandma Helen reunion there this summer. Seriously!

  2. What a great list!! I actually used to live in Utah and most of my family is still there!! I’ve never been to Bell’s Canyon it’s absolutely beautiful! I think your kiddos will love every single one of these things. Such a great idea to do a summer bucket list I might have to steal it off you πŸ™‚ xx

  3. Meg Miller

    These are all on ours as well…but we have a drive-in movie. Your kids would love it. (At least the older ones)

  4. Erin

    Make ice cream in a bag for your science experiment! We did this last summer (my son was 4 and my girls, 2; and we’ll do it again this year) and they were amazed that they could make ice cream, pretty much, in their hands! It’s a great way to discuss solids and liquids (you could throw in gas by melting an ice cube in a pan). Plus, they get a treat in the end. Have fun this summer!
    TIP: I gave my children gloves to wear because you have to shake the bag for 5-10 minutes and your hands get cold quickly.

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