Friday Faves Roadtrip Necessities

In the past 2 weeks, at least a part of our family has been in Idaho, Nevada, Arizona, California and now Colorado.  We have gotten Brave in our adventures and we have figured out things that work for us when it comes to managing toddlers strapped in a car seat for hours on end.  I love that we have become more adventurous, but like anyone, we have moments where we want to pull our hair out.  These items at least help buy us a few minutes here and there of quiet.  I throw in a lot of technology, but I am a big believer in “Why Not?” When you all have to survive in the same stinky and cramped place! I load up our iPads and pretty much encourage my kids to watch endlessly! 😂

Universal Tablet Headrest Attachment

This portable charger is an absolute must.  Pretty much your road trip life is over without one!  I love this one because of the built in cables.  We actually have 3 because we use them constantly…. now that I actually put it down into words, I am kind of embarrassed with our love of technology. 

Portable Device Charger

Multiple USB Car Port

Now onto the toddler Must Haves for any trip. Whether it is on a plane or in a car, these simple things will blow your parenting mind!

Window Clings

Ok, so these next two items are random and weird, I know.  Just have an endless supply of both on hand for your toddler and I swear you will thank me later!

Band-Aids (Hours of Peel and Stick Fun)

Suckers (Non-sticky and Non Messy)

This last item is obvious, but the reason I like having one is because I absolutely despise feeling claustrophobic in a messy car.  I like that the kids have. Place to throw away all their garbage.  Plus this one comes with bags!

Car Garbage Can

Only because I can’t seem to stay home for more than a few days at a time, I would love to know what I am missing!  What are your secret weapons for traveling?

5 thoughts on “Friday Faves Roadtrip Necessities

  1. Lisayda Sanchez

    I take toys for them to play with…. usually I have to go to the back seat to keep them entertained when they start getting bored and restless. Then when the toys and books no longer work I pop out the big guns! Technology! My phone and tablet with saved movies on Netflix or just you tube videos they love to watch. My older one is pretty good with road trips, just give him his videos. The little guy is the one who will not have it…. So when he’s had enough we stop to stretch our legs and burn some energy. Did I mention this was only a 4 hour drive where he’s napping for at least an hour and a half?! Yeah.. we can’t really do more than that…

  2. Claire

    Short trips I try to travel during nap times. Long trips, I travel over night. Even if we have to “burn” hours the next day before hotel check in. Books, songs, hand clapping rhymes, charades, animal noises, vehicle sounds, I spy games, coloring with crayons or light up draw board, flashlight, games, toys, technology last & for as long as they will allow it. Stopping for a break if needed. And YES with your crew, get an RV! So worth it!

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