Crossing Things Off

While the summer sizzles away, I am beginning to cross things off of our summer bucket list.  Last week, I did a science experiment with our kids.  I had so many people tell me to try making ice cream in a ziplock bag.  So I took to Pinterest and went for it.  Preparation was shockingly simple.  I already had every ingredient in my fridge and kitchen…sugar, heavy cream and vanilla.  I was ready to be the best Pinterest mom in history!  

The kids started tossing around their bags.  The sun was setting, the kids were laughing, getting along and running in the backyard.  When the timer went off, we gathered around and opened up the bags.  There in the ziplock bag was a picture perfect, creamy vanilla ice cream.  I had hit a home run in the Pinterest mom department and I felt borderline cocky.  Mia dove into her bag with a spoon and I watched as her face went from excitement to disgusted grimace.  “It tastes like salt!”  

That isn’t what I was expecting.  Everyone tried their ice cream and had the same reaction.  Apparently we were a little too rough with our bags and little holes had ripped into the ice cream bags and the salt from the ice had seeped in.  Talk about “FAIL”.  I really wasn’t too disappointed but I figured I should stop trying Pinterest because I obviously suck at it.  But then, I looked over and my kids were laughing and playing still.  In fact, the next day, Wes asked if we could make ice cream again!  What?!! As it turns out, it wasn’t about the activity or the outcome of the activity!  My kids loved it and appreciated it.

It got me thinking about motherhood in general.  I feel like a failure often, and I probably actually do fail a lot!   But all that matters is that they recognize that I try.  Hoping that when they look back on their childhood, they know I tried.  So, here is to hundreds more “Pinterest Fails”!  Here is to salty homemade ice cream and here is to my kids having a happy childhood!

12 thoughts on “Crossing Things Off

  1. Mary Redler

    Years from now….they will remember n laugh about “the time we made salty ice cream”!!!! πŸ˜ŠπŸ˜Šβ˜ΉοΈπŸ˜‹

  2. Andrea

    We have the tradition of making homemade burgers every Sunday, one of those Sundays when I was around 16 my dad made a mistake and threw shredded coconut instead of bread crumbs into the mix. I was desperate to be done with lunch as I was told I couldn’t go out with my friends until we were done with our family lunch,. A o I took the first burger that was ready, quickly put it together and dove into it. It was disgusting! The worst burger I’ve had to this day and that was over 15 years ago, but in my desperation of wanting to leave led me to still eat the whole thing, so fast that nobody had even started with theirs by the time I was done with mine. The minute my dad took a bite of his burger he spat it out, he immediately put two and two together and told everybody to not bother eating their burgers, that he’s made a mistake and had put coconut in them. Of course at this point the focus turned to making fun of me for having eaten the whole thing lol… to this day we retell the coconut burger story and laugh like it just happened! Sometimes the funniest family stories come out of mistakes πŸ˜‰

  3. We double bag the ice cream ingredients before putting it in the bag of ice and salt. Also, I have to make sure that they are good quality bags or else they will still leak through. My kids love making it and it keeps them busy.

  4. rachelnorcal

    LOL! I wonder if you could’ve just added some caramel sauce for a trendy salted-caramel flavor?? Yum! Fun story .. & definitely more memorable than plain vanilla.
    Makes me want to try!
    Thought about you a lot today πŸ’šπŸ’šπŸ’š

  5. Jocelyn

    I love reading your blogs, sad to say ive been slacking on it all lately..some sad losses, but reading this perked me up when i needed it. I thank you, and more thank you for proving its okay to be sad. Ive posted to steve already..hurry up and come to toronto! I have event contacts if we need to start somewhere😊

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