Nordstrom Anniversary Sale

I love clothes, like a lot.  I have a problem!  But, to be honest, I probably won’t even buy one of these things.  Nordstrom is a splurge I rarely allow myself, even for the anniversary sale.  They will probably go on my “imagine if I bought these” imaginary shopping list.  Here is the thing though, some of these are seriously affordable!  A girl can dream right?  

All of these are staples.  You could have your entire wardrobe for fall and winter be these.

Faux Leather Spanx Leggings

Moto Leather Jacket

Taupe Booties

Adidas Slip On Sneakers

V-Neck Tee

Woven Tunic

Slouchy Pullover Sweater

Ruffle Sleeve Top

Distressed High Waist Jeans


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