Flashback to Baby Dressups

A little over a year ago, we had just finished treatment for Hayes.  It was August of 2016 and we were finally together as a “normal” family that was recovering from 8 months of separation and treatment.  We were desperate for normalcy, our kids were desperate for joy.  I remember it was a Sunday afternoon when Steve came down the stairs with a huge smile and an idea.  He was holding an old pair of childrens lederhosen from my childhood and said he wanted to dress up the babies.  We put Heath in the outfit first and it hit me, he looked like he was straight out of the movie, The Sound of Music, and a vision was born….Baby Dress Ups! 

The Sound of Music

Every Sunday, we would come up with a new theme and dress up the babies.  The kids began to smile again and it was like we were healing with laughter.  It was something we looked forward to every week.  I had no idea that these pictures would become so much a part of our lives and I was even more shocked when Huffington Post Canada picked up our story.  I hope that our makeshift, home made costumes will be something that brings a little smile to our hearts forever…priceless memories that will forever be documented for generations.  Once again, a reminder that joy is found in the simple moments in life.

The Sandlot

The Wizard of Oz


Back to the Future

Indiana Jones

Grumpy Old Men

Hillary Clinton & Donald Trump

The Presidential Election

The Hangover

Ferris Bueller’s Day Off

The Addams Family

Gomez Addams

The Ringmaster and the Carnival

The Clown

The Muscleman

8 thoughts on “Flashback to Baby Dressups

  1. Jennie Gamlen

    Oh my goodness these bring such joy to me. And I know all who see them. How did you find all those outfits?! They’re so awesome and detailed!! I just now saw the post with the swing on the California beach with the little green ribbon. 💚 I started bawling like a baby. There’s so many days I have spent thinking about your wonderful perfect Hayes. Yesterday at work at the hospital I saw a young man who I thought might have been what Hayes would have looked like at that age. Well, today, through the tears, after looking through more pictures including my own, I came upon a picture of my 7 month old son, Garrett. He was wearing a little onesie that said “Mommy’s Tough Guy.” Tough is in big letters. 💚 That was like a little HayesHint for you guys here in Arizona. I’ll post the pic on my FB today. Iy made me stop crying. Garrett is 7 months and my daughter Megan is 2, just 3 months younger than the triplets. I love seeing all your posts and pics, like I know so many families do. I plan on purchasing 2 more gift boxes for the families involved in your foundation very soon. 🙂

  2. rachelnorcal

    These are all so good- I was trying to pick my favorite… too hard 😆 I think a tie between E.T. (first movie I ever cried at) and The Hangover (’cause baby-with-a-face-tattoo 😂
    Thank you for re-sharing these. Good reminders for being creative about creating, finding, rediscovering Joy 💓💚💓

  3. These are so wonderful! I don’t remember how but I stumbled upon your story on Facebook and knew I was hooked. At the time my nephew who will be born in December was supposed to be born as Kohen Hayes and I thought wow I was meant to find Hayes’s story. Shortly after my brother died of a hit and run drunk driver and Kohen Hayes became Kohen Michael in honor of my brother. My point is your family’s story taught me that life can be so cruel and anyone can be taken away so fast but that I should be thankful. Thankful for everyday that God gives me time with the ones I love and know that things can always be worse. My prayers will forever be with your family and thinking of your little Hayes!

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