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Earlier last year, in February 2017, I woke up to a direct message in my Instagram mailbox.  I get lots of messages and I really try to respond to each one because so many are from parents of newly diagnosed children and I want to help them as much as I can.  Waking up to a new message was not unusual, but seeing who it was from was definitely shocking.  It was a message from Rachel Parcell.  In the Instagram world, Rachel is a big deal!  I had been following her for a very long time.  Here is what it said:

So that was the beginning!  After design meetings and planning we actually came up with the plan to do a black dress with a “HayesHint”,  a green tag on the inside.


When I met up at Rachel’s office to see the dress, I walked into a room filled with giant green balloons, greenery everywhere and sweet pictures of Hayes framed on the table!  Seeing the finished product seriously brought tears to my eyes!  I tried on the dress and honestly, I know it sounds crazy, but I felt like Hayes was giving back to me, he wanted me to feel beautiful!  I felt his overwhelming love.

25853C4B-836C-4B83-B7DF-4D89D572C4C9The dress feels amazing on and it is super flattering!  We released it the first week of December and it sold out in one day!  Talk about incredible support by #HayesArmy!


This past week, I had a visit from sweet Rachel.  She surprised me at my house to help put together 5K race packets and she presented the foundation with a $30,000 check.  I can’t express how grateful I am for this incredible gift.  I am so grateful that Rachel found my Instagram and that the world has given me the chance to share Hayes’ story.  There is so much good that can come out of social media and this is the perfect example of that.  If you would like to purchase the dress, it is still available for purchase at Rachel Parcell.  What I love about the dress is that I can dress it up or dress it down.  Adding a belt was a fun way to switch it up!  Thank you Rachel for sharing your beauty and talent with the world!  You are a shining light!

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  1. rachelnorcal

    Incredible! 😍💚
    What an amazing (& creative, beautiful, generous) gift from the heart! Thank you, Rachel! – From, Rachel 😁

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