Random Friday Faves

Let’s be honest, my IG feed the past couple of days has been a little heavy. So I decided to lighten things up with another mindless “Friday Faves”. Today’s favorites are all over the map. Everything from beauty products, a current favorite quote, and cleaning supplies we all need in our lives! It is a pretty good list for heading into a weekend of giving our brains a rest from all of the thinking, cause thinking is hard!

No Pore Blem Primer


I just want to look like I am walking around with a filter on my face. Is that too much to ask?! Nope! It’s not. I am currently loving this product because of this very reason!  My goal is to be like a walking snap chat photo and if I can have the butterflies floating around my head then even better. LOL!

TOMS Majorca Sandals


So I wish I liked wearing heels. I love how I look in heels but I hate how my feet and ankles feel. And believe me, I am clumsy enough that heels scare me to death! But not these, on all accounts! They are comfortable enough to wear for hours, they are easy to walk in and most of all, I think they are super cute. I have them in gray but I have been eyeing them in black.

BIOKLEEN Laundry Detergent


I have always loved TIDE, but for the past year I have been using BIOKLEEN. I found it on Amazon and it got good reviews so I tried it and it has exceeded my expectations. I don’t feel like I am sacrificing quality. It leaves my clothes clean and stain free. I can’t say whether chemicals and cleaning products cause cancer. I don’t have a clue. But, ever since Hayes, I have slowly tried to switch out products that are harsh for products that are “healthier”. I know it can’t hurt.

Volcano Candle


Here is the thing, I have a teenage boy and two toddlers. My house stinks. Not going to lie. So I am always on the hunt for a good smell and this is definitely a current fave

True & Co Bras


I have become so picky about my bras. Like ridiculous! I used to buy my bras from Target for $12 and now I can’t even handle Victoria’s Secret. Everything is uncomfortable. But after searching on the internet I found True & Co. Their bras are my new go to’s! I have this exact one and I am seriously obsessed! I even fell asleep in it last night. Hands down, favorite bra ever!!


Lastly, I found this quote on Pinterest and it spoke to me.  We all have our stories.  None of us has a perfect life.  We do have control over how we react to the situations we face.  I refuse to let cancer change me or control me. I love that I am in control of where I am headed. I hope you all have an amazing weekend.



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