Believing In Tomorrow

My friends like to joke that I go into hibernation in the winter. They aren’t that far off. I ran into one of my neighbors at the grocery store the other day and she really seemed shocked to see me. Almost like she hadn’t seen me all winter! But the truth of the matter is, I do the bare minimum in the winter. I don’t like being cold….I hate it! I don’t have a thyroid so when I feel cold, it is multiplied by 1000. I have the gift of feeling obnoxiously freezing all of the time. So I actually stay inside most of the winter. As a result of all of these factors, winter becomes my most dreaded and isolating time of year. Then there is the fact that winter stirs up all the emotions of when I lost my boy. I am not sure I will ever feel kindly towards that season.


Luckily, it is April and yesterday I stepped outside into the light warmth of spring. It was such a beautiful day and the blossoms?! Oh my goodness, perfection. I stepped down into my backyard along side Heath and I saw the fresh curiosity in his eyes as he looked around and saw the blossoming trees. With a smile on his face he sat down on the steps and pointed to the trees saying, “Flowohs” with the sweetest most genuine wonder. He clasped his hands in his lap and grinned as he looked around. Our dog Rudy went up and immediately sat next to him and Chubs took the que and began rubbing his back. It was such a sweet sight. I watched as Heath took in the splendor of this beautiful world with his little buddy. Watching him helped my soul. Reminded me to take it in and breathe.


Sometimes, stepping into the newness of the spring air reminds me of who I am and even more so, of who I hope to be. Hope! That is the word that Spring makes me feel. Audrey Hepburn said it beautifully,

“To plant a garden is to believe in tomorrow.”

Feeling grateful for the renewal of this time of year and truly looking forward to what I continue to become. The promise that comes with a new day is that sadness will pass…no matter how long winter feels, spring will always come with a new day. And the sun will always rise again. Definitely feeling ready for the hope that comes with that tomorrow. Sunshine really is the best medicine.

garden in frame

I created a free printable for you to frame one of these in a simple frame.  Need a little colorful reminder of hope in your office?  This should add just the right touch.  Need a reminder that spring really is coming?  Place it right by your desk.

This printable is 8.5 x 11 and is for personal use only.

Download your garden printable right here!

4 thoughts on “Believing In Tomorrow

  1. rachelnorcal

    Beautiful (& I can relate to so much of this.. I sometimes feel spoiled with our funny little “false start” spring weeks here in NorCal.. I shouldn’t call them “false” because it’s real sunshine, warm days, & beautiful flowering trees, early tulips, daffodils, etc… but we start seeing them in Jan/Feb & it’s pretty much guaranteed we’ll still get cold/rainy/windy days through April/May).
    I love your little print, too.. and had a thought of “earth humans” as little seeds… and then Who Really Knows what’s to come after our physical bodies die… I personally choose to believe it’s incredibly beautiful & beyond anything our brains can fully fathom while we’re here…
    Yeah, I’m rambling as usual but I also just remembered that book, “The Next Place” & can’t remember if that was one I sent to you guys? If you don’t have it, let me know… 💖💫🌈🌺

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