Unique Mother’s Day Gift Guide

As a child of no older than 3, I have a very, very early memory. One of those memories where everything is beautiful and ethereal and lit by the sun. Our next door neighbors were an older couple that took pride and joy in their yard. In particular, their walkway lined with large, fragrant rose bushes. I mentioned that I was no older than 3, but even 3 is pushing it…I was young. I still remember the magical feeling when I would walk along those rose bushes and run into a strip of ground that had several hand prints pressed into the now hard cement with names scrawled next to each pair. I would kneel down and fit my tiny hand into the middle of one of those hands, fascinated that someone was able to push into cement hard enough to leave an impression. I traced the fingers back and forth. I didn’t completely understand that these hands had been pushed into newly laid, wet cement but, I was amazed with it nonetheless. I swore to myself that one day I would figure out a way to have my own families handprints molded into a cement pad of my own. Freezing the documented magic forever.

Fast forward 30 years later and the magic of those hands still feels fresh. But, I haven’t fulfilled the promise I made to myself that particular day. I was walking to a neighbors house to grab my escaped dog when I stepped onto the pad of cement to the side of their house. The memories came flooding back as I stepped over the baby hand imprint that gradually grew in size to an older child’s. As a result of this newly remembered memory, I had an overwhelming desire to recreate it in my own yard, but that will probably not happen, so I found an alternative. I will definitely be making my kids give this to me for Mother’s Day! 😂

Another early memory I have is from a different age and an altogether different location. We had moved across town and I was now in Kindergarten. Every day, as I walked home from school, I would walk by a large, well manicured garden in someone’s chain link fenced backyard. My nose was always drawn to the lilacs in the spring, which is now my favorite scent. But, in the late spring, early summer, my eyes became obsessed with the bushes that lined the fence with most beautiful flower I had ever seen. Varieties of peonies in every shade of light pink and magenta.

On one particular walk home I remember the overwhelming feeling that I had to get my hands on one of those blooms. I went to the edge of the sidewalk, knelt down next to the chain link fence and began painfully squishing my hand through one of the small openings in the fence. The pain in my mind was worth it. Finally, I felt the relief of my hand bursting through to the other side. My arm slid forward until my little fingers gently touched the magenta petals; it was so soft. I wrapped my fingers around the stem and snapped! It was mine! I knew my mom would wonder where I got the flower so when I got home, I hid it under my bed for easy access. The obsession lasted deep into my adult life. My wedding flowers were appropriately peonies.

So, another gift for the garden or flower loving mom is a peony bush that can be planted in her yard. But a little tip that I have learned over my own peony growing mistakes…make sure to get peony stands. The blooms can be so heavy! They need that extra support.

2 Gallon Peony Plant

Peony Support

So last year I had a wreath that was my favorite ever. It was faux magnolia wreath…my family is from the South, so my name is Savanna, oddly enough after Savannah, Georgia which makes no sense why I have no “H”, but I digress. This wreath was my favorite wreath I ever had for sure. But one morning, I woke up and it wasn’t hanging on my door anymore. Who the heck steals a wreath? Seriously I was so bugged because I couldn’t find a replacement. I was sure I was going to see it hanging off of the front of some teens car hood, but nope. Well, while I was scouting out amazon, I found the closest resembling wreath so far. Can’t wait for my kids to surprise me with this! 😂🙌🏼


Lastly, I know I might be biased, but seriously, Steve’s book about our experience with cancer is so beautiful! It is not just for cancer moms. It is for anyone that wants to appreciate life a little more. It will help you value your relationships more and honestly, will help you be a better parent! Perfect unique gift for the mom in your life, The 20 Month Legend. You can buy it on Amazon or The HayesTough website ships worldwide.

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