How I Cooked With Toddlers….And Actually Enjoyed It!

Let’s be honest with each other for a second. I love my babies… is the thing though, they are freaking hard lately! They wear me out. By the time 7:00pm rolls around, I just want to go to sleep. They are in the heart of the terrible threes, which from my experience is twenty thousand times worse than the twos. Sometimes I just want them contained on the couch so that I know they aren’t throwing a tantrum in the front yard. I always go the easiest route which ends up being TV, far too often. But, today as I was brainstorming what I should make for dinner, I decided on kabobs and it hit me, I wanted the babies to help me. I am fairly certain I have figured out a life changing activity for my kids.

I was able to work on patterns, colors, and freaking fine motor skills! I would tell them a color and they would put it on the skewer, or I would give them a pattern and have them choose, “What’s Next?”  And on top of that, I am convinced that they could have skewed kabobs for at least 48 hours. Because, get this, it was fun!

While I grilled it up tonight, Heath and Reese stood beside me as they watched the meal they had made, turn into dinner. The best part was that they ate it, because they had “made” it! I mean, this is a borderline world peace level discovery!

I have decided, now that summer officially arrives tomorrow, I need to incorporate my kids more into meal prep. I think it teaches more appreciation for meals, it helps me plan better and hey, they help me…win-win. So, maybe once or twice a week I am putting them to work. This was an extremely easy and doable way to include toddlers.

On an informative note, I cut up mushrooms, yellow squash, green and red peppers, and smoked beef sausage. Sausage ended up being so much less messy than I think raw chicken would have been. While the skewers were on the barbecue I drizzled watered down barbecue sauce over the top of each skewer. They were seriously delicious!

Have you cooked with your kids? What have you had success with? I have always been slightly intimidated by the mess, but this was doable and I can’t wait to do it again! Bring on summer!

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