6 Reasons You Need to Vacation to Cancun

Hey guys! We are back in the real world…you know that let down from an amazing vacation?! Well, it is in full effect, but I will say, I am happy to see my kids.

img_7746acs_0125-1I had so many questions about the resort and the location we went to, so today I decided to give you all the details of our amazing week in Mexico. Everything from the resort, to the weather. We stayed at the adults only all inclusive resort, Catalonia Royal Tulum. We have been to Playa Del Carmen before, but this was our first time at this resort in the Riviera Maya. It was our first “no kids” beach vacation since our honeymoon and honestly, being able to sit by the pool and close my eyes without worrying about our kids falling into the water was incredibly relaxing.

The hotel itself is sprawled out in a coastal rain forest. You walk along the walkway and you feel like the animals welcome you along the path, coati’s, iguanas and agouti’s. They gathered around us as if we were characters right out of a Disney movie…. tropical Cinderella’s, LOL.

So, with that in mind, here are 6 reasons why you need this vacation in your life:

  1. There’s something for everyone. Like I mentioned before, we went with my family for my parents 50th wedding anniversary.  All 7 of my siblings, their significant others and my parents.  That means 18, very different people.  Every personality from the lazy sun bather to the wave rider was satisfied with the options. There is a beautiful pool area surrounded by lounge chairs and cabanas.  Waiters and waitresses bring endless pina coladas and chips and guacamole.  On top of the gorgeous pool area was the direct beach access with lounge chairs and hammocks lining the sandy beaches.  It was heaven.  And for the antsy people that don’t want to nap on the beach (😂 Steve), access to paddle boards, kayaks, beach volleyball, body surfing and even water aerobics 🙋🏼‍♂️ were readily available.  acs_0117
  2. The accommodations. If you followed along with mine or Steve’s IG stories, you saw how beautiful this resort was.  The rooms were large, clean, newly renovated and had a private balcony that looked over the trees of the rain forest.  Every room is stocked with a fridge filled with drinks and food.  You know when you go to a hotel and you just stare at the mini bar wondering what the package of cookies tastes like or the can of Coke Zero  makes you salivate in tears?  Not at this resort.  All you can eat, endless refills! 🙌🏼bed
  3. The restaurants!  I have done a few “all-inclusives” and a cruise in my day.  I always have had high hopes for the food, but quickly disappointed because the food begins to feel like a cafeteria.  This resort, had SUCH good food!  Like I would go back to this resort for the food alone.  They had 4 restaurants, a steak house, Italian restaurant, Thai restaurant, and a Mexican restaurant that I am still dreaming about.  The chips and guacamole and the skirt steak tacos were so good.  They also had a buffet and a tapas bar.  And then of course the bars around the resort.  Like having a fountain drink machine at my fingertips 24/7.img_0513
  4. The entertainment. Every night the Catalonia Royal Tulum has a different show.  My favorite was the synchronized swimming show in the pool.  The dancers were super talented and the music was so much fun.  I also loved the authentic Latin bands that came a couple of the nights down by the beach.  Steve loved every second of dancing his heart out and I am obsessed with Latin music so we both were in heaven.  Lastly, they had a dance club up above the lobby with loud music and a pool table.  Having no kids with us gave us the opportunity to pretend like we were teenagers again.  So much fun!img_1712img_7914
  5. The spa. Here is the thing, I heard around the resort that the spa was phenomenal.  I was super jealous of every couple that came out looking refreshed and relaxed in their white robes after a couples massage.    But, Steve and I are also super cheap.  We found a cabana a ways down the beach in the public beach area that offered massages.  My sisters each got one for $25 for 30 minutes of a massage that  was actually admitted by some of them to be the best massage they had ever had!  beachacs_0113
  6. Outside of the resort. A couple of the days were super rainy.  There was no way Steve and I could last sitting in our rooms watching Mexican TV, in a language only Steve could understand.  So, we found a company, Mystic Adventures Playa Del Carmen and told them the activities we wanted and they created a day of everything we could hope for.  They took us to the ruins of Tulum and they were beautiful.  Ruins set up on the cliffs along the ocean.  It was so cool to imagine what it looked like back in the day.  After that they took us to an authentic little Mexican Restaurant for a lunch that was delicious.  It poured rain out the windows and honestly, I was dreading the next set of activities that we were heading into.  Me and cold water really do not mix well.  My sisters hate it too!  It really is in our genes I guess.  We got to the ATV park and they provided us with ponchos and we took off through the rain forest splashing through huge puddles and mud, zip lined through the trees and into a cenote, snorkeled in underground caves.  All of this was followed up with traditional banana leaf tamales that were so good!  The day was SO. MUCH. FUN!!  Highly recommend this adventure!


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