The Tate Party of 8

Hi everyone…I feel like it has been a while since I introduced myself…like really introduced myself. Do you even know who I am? How did you find me?

I am Savanna, wife to Steve, my high school sweetheart….actually my 5th grade sweetheart if we want to get technical.

A little over three years ago we found ourselves pregnant with what we thought was our 4th child and were surprised in an ultrasound to find out we were actually pregnant with baby 4, 5 & 6. Triplets! The Tate Party of 8 was born. We have 6 perfect children….like really perfect. I have never raised my voice and they never fight 🙄 just kidding, every single one of us has our moments of totally driving each other insane. You may be looking at this picture and seeing only 5 kids, but even though you can’t see him, Hayes is there.

In January of 2016, Hayes, our baby of the triplets was diagnosed with a brain tumor. Our 10 month old baby had cancer and our hearts were completely broken. As a family we had to endure fear, separation, worry, watching our baby suffer through chemo treatments and through it all, Hayes would smile and ease our fears and heal our broken hearts. Hayes taught us to love more fully, live more adventurously, and to find joy in the beautiful moments you usually don’t notice. After bravely battling for 10 sweet months, beautiful Hayes passed away peacefully in our arms, forever, the 20 month legend.

Although we lost Hayes to cancer, hope is still the central force that drives us as we continue our fight against childhood cancer through the HayesTough Foundation. We have been through hell and back together on this journey of grief and I couldn’t have made it through without each of them. We are, the Tate Party of 8.

Thanks to the incredibly talented JordanBree Photography. She has seriously the most amazing gift. She has done some of our most memorable pictures. Pictures of Hayes that I will treasure forever. I really can’t praise her enough!

Savanna’s outfit details:

My dress is from ASOS and unfortunately it is sold out at the moment. So I have linked a few similar styles:

(1, 2, 3, 4, 5)

Steve’s outfit details:

Steve is pretty much an Original Penguin connoisseur. If you ever find yourself needing to buy him a gift, he won’t be disappointed with anything OP! 😂

(Similar blazer, similar tie, similar tie 2, Pants)

Bo’s Outfit details:

Bo is in that awkward in between phase. Either small men’s or the largest youth. (H&M navy blazer, gray slacks, similar tie, similar pocket square)

Mia’s Outfit details:

Mia’s dress was my tie in to Hayes. (Zara striped dress is sold out, but here is one I would love also, this one, or this one)

Wes’ Outfit details:

(H&M set)

Reese’s Outfit details:

(Reese’s Zara dress is sold out 😭, here is an alternative, another one or this one)

Heath’s Outfit details:

(H&M pink shorts, shirt and tie set)

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