My Embarrassing Personality Trait

It has been a while since I shared an embarrassing confessional about me. But, today is the day. 🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼 You know when you are on Facebook and those stupid personality tests pop up? Well I couldn’t help myself the other day when a link popped up in my feed for a “My Personality Test” and I clicked on it. I was fairly certain it was going to be ridiculously wrong.

It was actually more detailed than I was expecting. I clicked away at my answers and then I watched skeptically as the circle spinned away on the screen, calculating my personality. The results showed my personality as a mix with a main personality of “Intuitive”. The very top description of what an intuitive personality was, “You focus on the big picture & possibilities.” First off, this is SO me. I am much more of a big picture person and not so much of a get hung up on the details person. My mind immediately went back to when I was in 7th grade.

I have always been fascinated with the royal family. I grew up studying royal history and used to know the names of kings and queens and their successors. So when Princess Diana died my heart broke extra hard. She was my idol. But really, I was sad because I would never have the chance to meet her and she was definitely going to be my mother in law. See, I was sure I was going to marry Prince William. It wasn’t like I really hoped to, I was absolutely going to. I wrote him letters and had posters of him on my wall. It was like a dream board before I knew what dream boards were. Looking back on this, I see that, “Big Picture” personality trait. I wasn’t getting hung up on the “non important” details like, how I was actually going to meet him. I just focused on our long future together! 😂 Borderline stalker? Maybe. 🙈

Now that I am an adult, I see these royal weddings and honestly, I laugh at my young confidence. I am mainly feeling relief that I didn’t foresee reality. I couldn’t dress like they do every day. I mean, can you imagine seeing Kate or Megan wearing a graphic tee? That is the sacrifice they make! That is way too much to ask. A life of blazers and tailored clothing. I love me some beautiful dresses but really, I just need my oversized tees and sweat pants and I am a happy girl.

Here is the funny thing though, I still do this. I focus on something I want to happen really bad and I get rid of any doubts about the outcome. I am not even going to tell you about some of the current scenarios I have floating around in my head because I have a feeling if I say them out loud, they will sound ridiculous.

Is that normal? I have no clue. But, it helps me get through stressful times because I don’t get stuck on the stressful details and I focus on what I choose to consider a “fact” that it will all work out. I guess it is my defense mechanism. So, rather than stress out about how I am going to get somewhere, I focus on being there when I am done. Thank goodness I have been wrong on some of my early predictions, but I am also really glad I find things that make me happy as I go along this journey of life. I guess I am just going to focus on the billions of dollars that I am going to make one day and sit here and wait for it to happen. If I focus on it hard enough I am sure I will make it happen. If you want to take that test, here is the link. I would love to know what your results are!

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