Keep Believing

I am keeping this post short and sweet today, but I got asked yesterday as I so often do, “How do you stay strong?” I deeply thought it over and wondered. How do I stay strong? I feel like I could shut myself out from the world and everyone would understand. But, I have this inexplicable feeling of love and support from Hayes. He wants me to push through the tears and pain. He wants me to keep loving. Keep trying. Keep trusting. Keep believing and keep growing.

Last year, we got a random gift in the mail from the company Jaxn Blvd. it was a large wooden quote art piece and I realized, not only was it beautiful, but these words spoke to me. I believe that he is! “I keep Believing!” So it now hangs in my kitchen as a beautiful constant reminder that I am getting cheered on.

So, in honor of the upcoming weekend, know that you have so many people cheering you on. There are so many people in your life and in heaven that want you to succeed! That is Hayes for me. I feel it! He loves me and he is so proud of me and he DOES NOT want me to give up on the cause of childhood cancer. I am led to at least 2 or more new warriors a week, from all over the world. It is truly inspired! A gift from one warrior to another and I am just his tool. Have the best weekend….I am cheering for you! 💚

2 thoughts on “Keep Believing

  1. Whitney Christensen

    I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again. Your amazing. What an example of such strong motherly love and hope. I use you as an example a lot in my brain and I hope you know that you sharing your story gives so much hope and strength to others in so many different struggles. You are truly a such a beautiful example of strength, beauty, and hope.

    • Tate Party of 8

      You are the sweetest Whitney! You know what is so random? I think of you often! You are so strong my friend! You are an example to me too!

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