Beach Wear Roundup

I think we can all agree, wearing a swimsuit in public is super anxiety ridden. Which I have felt since I was a teenager. I hate feeling so on display. And the cool thing is that Steve and I are going to Mexico in a few days ūüôĆūüŹľūüôĄ

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Cruising Through the Strait of Gibraltar and Beyond

The cruise was my first ever. Barcelona had been so amazing that I couldn’t imagine anything comparing. We took off and began our trip south. I immediately was taken aback by the rockiness of the boat. But even worse than the rockiness was that we were headed straight for an oncoming cold front. Little droplets of the ocean would hang onto the bitter cold wind and sting my face. Steve and I would have to gear up to cross the outdoor walkway to the restaurants. Every time was a bundle up, hunch down, run to the other side. It was SO cold. But the excitement was tangible. We were headed for the Strait of Gibraltar.¬† Read More

Seeded Hope

I get asked often about what it felt like to have 3 babies squished into my stomach. I can assure you, they were definitely squished in there. Well, two of them were squished, Hayes was as comfortable as can be. He was casually sprawled out under my rib cage while Heath and Reese packed themselves into the depths of my belly, pushing themselves head down battling for first entrance into the world. Hayes was always relaxed and happy with where he was. When I went into labor, it wasn‚Äôt a surprise when Hayes was the last to be born…the baby of the bunch. Read More

Last Minute Easter Basket Ideas

Easter is just a few days away and for all you procrastinators, you are among a friend! I find it slightly ironic that I just confessed my shopping addiction in my last post and I am following it up with a shopping post. Gees! Now I rethink every step I take! But, Easter is this Sunday, and the Easter bunny is definitely coming to our house so I decided to help you all out and list what I am getting for my kids. All from Amazon, so easy!  Plus, my guess is that if you order today, it will get to you in time for Easter baskets! Read More

Random Friday Faves

Let’s be honest, my IG feed the past couple of days has been a little heavy. So I decided to lighten things up with another mindless “Friday Faves”. Today’s favorites are all over the map. Everything from beauty products, a current favorite quote, and cleaning supplies we all need in our lives! It is a pretty good list for heading into a weekend of giving our brains a rest from all of the thinking, cause thinking is hard! Read More

The Rachel Parcell Dress


Earlier last year, in February 2017, I woke up to a direct message in my Instagram mailbox.  I get lots of messages and I really try to respond to each one because so many are from parents of newly diagnosed children and I want to help them as much as I can.  Waking up to a new message was not unusual, but seeing who it was from was definitely shocking.  It was a message from Rachel Parcell.  In the Instagram world, Rachel is a big deal!  I had been following her for a very long time.  Here is what it said: Read More

Nordstrom Anniversary Sale

I love clothes, like a lot. ¬†I have a problem! ¬†But, to be honest, I probably won’t even buy one of these things. ¬†Nordstrom is a splurge I rarely allow myself, even for the anniversary sale. ¬†They will probably go on my “imagine if I bought these” imaginary shopping list. ¬†Here is the thing though, some of these are seriously affordable! ¬†A girl can dream right? ¬† Read More

Friday Faves: Swimsuits for Dayzz

Coming back from a beach vacation gives me a lot of insight into how I actually feel about my body.  Honestly, I love my body because it produced 6 perfect babies, but if I am being honest, I am hard on myself.  I feel self conscious just like anyone.  But, I have found that some swimsuits work better for my body and I feel more comfortable in some styles more than others.  So here are my favorite styles right now.

The off the shoulder ruffle look is killing it right now.  Completely obsessed in both one pieces and bikinis in this off shoulder style.

Black Ruffle Off Shoulder One Piece

Aqua Ruffle Top

High Waisted White bottoms

High Neck Bikini Top

High Waisted Tie Waist Bottoms

There are so many amazing one pieces right now.  I love that there are so many flattering and sexy swimsuits.

Patterned One Piece

Off Shoulder Striped One Piece

Open Back One Piece

Mesh Cut Out Swimsuit

Jumpsuit One Piece

Plunging One Piece

Fathers Day Gift Guide

One of my favorite things about celebrating Steve is being able to spoil him with gifts that I have thought through for months. ¬†If I am being honest, I dropped the ball for our anniversary. ¬†I was struggling a lot during May, I missed Hayes and frankly, shopping was of zero interest to me. ¬†I am sure this is something I will struggle with for years to come, but in order to avoid this “dropping the ball depression” in the gift department, I decided to plan way ahead for Father’s Day. ¬†Steve deserves to know how much we all adore him.

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What We Wore: Family Photos

Is there anything more annoyingly stressful than choosing out outfits for a family photo shoot?  It is so unimportant, but I care!  I have been able to come up with a little system in picking family outfits.  I usually have one person wear a busy, patterned outfit or stand out color, that is the first outfit I figure out.  Then I highlight with other colors from the pattern or that subtlety compliment.  I work around the pattern and do subtle textures and slight patterns from there.  Sounds easy enough, but gees…it sucks!  

I started out with my dress.  I mentioned it before, but I love this Target find!  It is so flattering on and I feel like it was the perfect springboard for the rest of the outfits.  

I am so happy with these photos. I was so nervous to take pictures without Hayes, but no doubt I will find a way to incorporate him forever!  The giant green balloon was the perfect representation of him for these pictures!  While there were hard moments, I felt Hayes close. Plus, if you look closely, in some pictures his little orb is ever present! Here is to conquering fears and seeing the beauty in the outcome!  Which one is your favorite?

My outfit

Dress /  Under Slip / Shoes

Steve’s Outfit

Top / Pants / Shoes

Bo’s Outfit

Top / Pants / Shoes

Mia’s Outfit – Old Navy Dress no longer available

Similar Dress / Similar Dress / Similar Dress   / Sandals

Wes’ Outfit

Linen Shirt / Shorts

Reese’s Outfit (similar romper below)

Denim Romper / White Skirt / shoes

Heath’s Outfit

Shirt / Shorts / Shoes