Beach Wear Roundup

I think we can all agree, wearing a swimsuit in public is super anxiety ridden. Which I have felt since I was a teenager. I hate feeling so on display. And the cool thing is that Steve and I are going to Mexico in a few days 🙌🏼🙄

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Unique Mother’s Day Gift Guide

As a child of no older than 3, I have a very, very early memory. One of those memories where everything is beautiful and ethereal and lit by the sun. Our next door neighbors were an older couple that took pride and joy in their yard. In particular, their walkway lined with large, fragrant rose bushes. I mentioned that I was no older than 3, but even 3 is pushing it…I was young. I still remember the magical feeling when I would walk along those rose bushes and run into a strip of ground that had several hand prints pressed into the now hard cement with names scrawled next to each pair. I would kneel down and fit my tiny hand into the middle of one of those hands, fascinated that someone was able to push into cement hard enough to leave an impression. I traced the fingers back and forth. I didn’t completely understand that these hands had been pushed into newly laid, wet cement but, I was amazed with it nonetheless. I swore to myself that one day I would figure out a way to have my own families handprints molded into a cement pad of my own. Freezing the documented magic forever. Read More

Top 8 Favorite Podcasts

Can I confess something? If you follow me on Instagram, you already know this about me. I am obsessed with podcasts….murder, true crime podcasts in particular! I have mentioned this before, but seriously, I probably have real issues. I now trust no one and my main goal in life has become to not raise a serial killer. Fingers crossed we accomplish that one. On a less serial killer note, I now feel like I am living in the 1950’s. “Be sure to drink your ovaltine”…..You win if you know what I am talking about. Read More

Last Minute Easter Basket Ideas

Easter is just a few days away and for all you procrastinators, you are among a friend! I find it slightly ironic that I just confessed my shopping addiction in my last post and I am following it up with a shopping post. Gees! Now I rethink every step I take! But, Easter is this Sunday, and the Easter bunny is definitely coming to our house so I decided to help you all out and list what I am getting for my kids. All from Amazon, so easy!  Plus, my guess is that if you order today, it will get to you in time for Easter baskets! Read More

Random Friday Faves

Let’s be honest, my IG feed the past couple of days has been a little heavy. So I decided to lighten things up with another mindless “Friday Faves”. Today’s favorites are all over the map. Everything from beauty products, a current favorite quote, and cleaning supplies we all need in our lives! It is a pretty good list for heading into a weekend of giving our brains a rest from all of the thinking, cause thinking is hard! Read More

Nordstrom Anniversary Sale

I love clothes, like a lot.  I have a problem!  But, to be honest, I probably won’t even buy one of these things.  Nordstrom is a splurge I rarely allow myself, even for the anniversary sale.  They will probably go on my “imagine if I bought these” imaginary shopping list.  Here is the thing though, some of these are seriously affordable!  A girl can dream right?   Read More

Friday Faves Roadtrip Necessities

In the past 2 weeks, at least a part of our family has been in Idaho, Nevada, Arizona, California and now Colorado.  We have gotten Brave in our adventures and we have figured out things that work for us when it comes to managing toddlers strapped in a car seat for hours on end.  I love that we have become more adventurous, but like anyone, we have moments where we want to pull our hair out.  These items at least help buy us a few minutes here and there of quiet.  I throw in a lot of technology, but I am a big believer in “Why Not?” When you all have to survive in the same stinky and cramped place! I load up our iPads and pretty much encourage my kids to watch endlessly! 😂

Universal Tablet Headrest Attachment

This portable charger is an absolute must.  Pretty much your road trip life is over without one!  I love this one because of the built in cables.  We actually have 3 because we use them constantly…. now that I actually put it down into words, I am kind of embarrassed with our love of technology. 

Portable Device Charger

Multiple USB Car Port

Now onto the toddler Must Haves for any trip. Whether it is on a plane or in a car, these simple things will blow your parenting mind!

Window Clings

Ok, so these next two items are random and weird, I know.  Just have an endless supply of both on hand for your toddler and I swear you will thank me later!

Band-Aids (Hours of Peel and Stick Fun)

Suckers (Non-sticky and Non Messy)

This last item is obvious, but the reason I like having one is because I absolutely despise feeling claustrophobic in a messy car.  I like that the kids have. Place to throw away all their garbage.  Plus this one comes with bags!

Car Garbage Can

Only because I can’t seem to stay home for more than a few days at a time, I would love to know what I am missing!  What are your secret weapons for traveling?

Friday Faves: Swimsuits for Dayzz

Coming back from a beach vacation gives me a lot of insight into how I actually feel about my body.  Honestly, I love my body because it produced 6 perfect babies, but if I am being honest, I am hard on myself.  I feel self conscious just like anyone.  But, I have found that some swimsuits work better for my body and I feel more comfortable in some styles more than others.  So here are my favorite styles right now.

The off the shoulder ruffle look is killing it right now.  Completely obsessed in both one pieces and bikinis in this off shoulder style.

Black Ruffle Off Shoulder One Piece

Aqua Ruffle Top

High Waisted White bottoms

High Neck Bikini Top

High Waisted Tie Waist Bottoms

There are so many amazing one pieces right now.  I love that there are so many flattering and sexy swimsuits.

Patterned One Piece

Off Shoulder Striped One Piece

Open Back One Piece

Mesh Cut Out Swimsuit

Jumpsuit One Piece

Plunging One Piece

Summer Bucket List

Summer has launched and with it comes wander lust and an anxiousness to go on adventures with my family. I know I am not alone in this because Pinterest is littered with summer bucket lists. Now that the babies are a little older, I have decided to set some loftier goals with my big kids. They actually don’t believe me when I tell them what my bucket list for the summer is. I unfortunately have a little bit of a bad reputation with my kids. I don’t like getting wet and if Steve isn’t around, I take the easy way out. So, this summer I want to be different and I hope to prove to my kids I can be fun too! Here is my top 8 bucket list:
1. Go on a real hike, not a “this will be easy and I can push the babies in a stroller” kind of a hike. I want to get my kids sweating and dirty! Bell’s Canyon is my goal. For you outdoorsy moms, don’t judge if this is too easy! Baby steps, k?!

2. Take the kids to Lagoon Amusement Park. I grew up going to the local amusement park once every summer, as a child and it was one of my favorites! It was the high light of my year. Steve slightly hates amusement park rides…he prefers kid rides 🤦🏻‍♀️. So basically it will be on me, but I am setting a goal, you guys are holding me to it, to take my kids.

3. The next activity on my bucket list is actually my worst nightmare. I absolutely despise water parks. I don’t get why the water has to be hypothermia cold! My kids joke that I don’t know how to swim because I hardly ever get into water unless the water is warm. I know I am weird! But, YOLO right? So taking my kids to the water park, Cowabunga Bay (to be exact) is next.

4. Take my kids to the farmers market. I love the farmers market actually! The charm of shopping locally is my favorite. Shopping at the farmers market with 5 kids? Not sure it will be a good idea, but the point is to do it!

5. Take the kids up the canyon and eat dinner around a fire. We took the kids up last year and I loved doing this. While it was tricky with the babies, it was so worth it!  And how cute are all these little babes?!!! (More videos on our channel Tate Party of 8)

6. Take the babies to a splash pad. I think they would love it! They deserve a little adventure too!

7. Do a science experiment. I remember growing up, my neighbor’s mom always did science experiments with her kids. Whether it was raising butterflies from caterpillars or doing vinegar eggs (which still blows my mind how weird it is). She made life interesting for her kids and wasn’t afraid of the mess. I am going to give an experiment a try with my kids!  

8. It isn’t summer without a snow cone right? I need to take my kids once or twice to do this!

These are simple things, but some still make me nervous. But here’s to doing things that push us outside of our comfort zones! What are some things you have on your bucket list that I missed?

Also, if you missed the podcast I did on The LifeBeats Project, here is a link. I tell our whole story.

Fathers Day Gift Guide

One of my favorite things about celebrating Steve is being able to spoil him with gifts that I have thought through for months.  If I am being honest, I dropped the ball for our anniversary.  I was struggling a lot during May, I missed Hayes and frankly, shopping was of zero interest to me.  I am sure this is something I will struggle with for years to come, but in order to avoid this “dropping the ball depression” in the gift department, I decided to plan way ahead for Father’s Day.  Steve deserves to know how much we all adore him.

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