Part 2: Teen Love To Triplets

Junior High began and I was as awkward as ever.  I had gone to a private school for elementary school so when 7th grade came around, every elementary school kid made the leap to Churchill Jr. High and I felt extra isolated because I only knew my 2 neighbor friends, Summer and Amanda.  On top of that, I tried my hardest to fit in wardrobe wise, but my mom had an extremely deep rooted belief that I shouldn’t conform to social norms, so she never bought me the name brand “in” clothes.  I remember in 7th grade, Calvin Klein CK graphic t-shirts were the must have shirts.  I begged for one!  All the pretty and popular girls were wearing them and I knew if I wanted to “get noticed” I had to have a CK shirt.  Christmas rolled around and on Christmas morning I had my dreams met!  There in my pile of presents was my long awaited shirt, but my mom had gotten what was on sale, a giant men’s gray CK shirt.  Like, night gown sized!  That wasn’t stopping me.  I threw it on after Christmas break, tucked it into my jeans as it awkwardly overflowed over my waistband and I headed to school.  I couldn’t wait for all the friends and boys to come rolling in.  Needless to say, that didn’t happen!  The shirt didn’t help me with the fact that I was still incredibly shy. Read More

Part One: Teen Love To Triplets

It was the summer after 5th grade. I was a quiet, gangly 11 year old that didn’t like attention of any kind so I tried to blend in. I was unusually tall for my age and had “developed” early. I looked like I was in 9th grade and I hated that because I stood out. I was also painfully shy. I avoided communication at all cost and I am quite certain I didn’t say a word to a boy until I was 16. Basically I was awkward.

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A Long Winded Version of My Cancer Journey

This year is the 18 year anniversary of a landmark in my life. Little known fact about me, I had cancer when I was 16. I was in French class when the boy behind me noticed my throat and in true teenage boy fashion said, “What the heck is wrong with your neck? You have an Adam’s apple!” I remember reaching up to my throat being mortified. I had never noticed it before, but very clearly, there was a large lump off centered on my neck where an Adam’s apple would be. “You are a goiter girl!!” he repeated continually. Immediate embarrassment! But, my French teacher, Mr. Isom, saw the interaction and came up to warn me that I needed to get it checked out. He was genuinely concerned for me.

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Let Me Introduce Myself

Let me start this out by introducing myself.  My name is Savanna Tate. I am an artist, a photographer, a wife and above all, I am a mother.  When I was growing up, there was one goal that remained a constant for me, I knew I wanted to be a mom one day.  I come from a family of 8 children.  We were very close and loved to be with each other…literally a big happy family.  Every Sunday at dinner we would do a big toast where we clinked glasses and said, “To a Big Happy Family.”  Slightly weird in hindsight, but, big and happy nonetheless.

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